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  1. Safety is the number one priority when sailing as opposed to relying on a skipper to operate the yacht. The skipper of the yacht is the person charged with the important responsibility of ensuring each passenger is safe at all times.
  2. Plan ahead, whether for that day’s trip or for the whole week. Consider what conditions the yacht will be operated under. Inexperienced skippers should acquire a lot of experience on calm waters during daylight hours before attempting riskier conditions. Operating the yacht means being prepared for anything. A first aid kit with up-to-date supplies is supplied in your yacht charter boat. Pack enough water for a couple of days. Some food is also advisable if you plan to remain at anchor and do not want to try the local tavernas or have opted to visit a remoter spot. Additionally and most importantly, sunscreen should be packed on the yacht and available to all the guests.
  3. Ensure small items that are brought aboard can be secured and do not roll around on the yacht. These items can become hazards if they interfere with the yacht’s functioning or the ability to operate the yacht’s controls. Be familiar with your yacht before leaving the pier. During the check in process we will ensure that you are familiar with the yacht. This will prevent many problems from arising after leaving the pier. You will be given a full weather briefing by our staff during check in and if there is any abrupt deterioration in the expected weather we will contact you by sms.


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