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What to pack for a yacht charter sailing holiday in Greece

Space is at a premium on most sailboats, so now isn’t the time to pack everything that you own. Check out this guide to help you decide what to pack and bring along for a week’s yacht charter in Greece with Puresailing Yachting. So, you’re heading out on a sailing holiday to the Sporades or [...]

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Combine your passion for sailing with a history tour

As one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean, it would be a shame not to add a few days on to your yacht charter holiday and spend the time visiting Athens. You can visit either before or after your sailing holiday in Greece. This ancient city, known as the cradle of the western civilization, [...]

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Skippered sailing holiday in Greece

How about a luxury skippered sailing holiday in Greece? Treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime. Escape the masses and enjoy the perfect serenity only a sailing skippered charter can provide. A private sailing charter in Greece gives you the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the Greek islands at your own pace. Sail [...]

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Why sail in Greece with us?

Why Should I Choose Puresailing Yachting for my next sailing holiday in Greece? Because all of us here at Puresailing want each one of you to have the best vacation ever in Greece and to see you coming for a sailing holiday with us every year! We are dedicated to your summer vacation, delivering [...]

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Yacht Charter Greece – A quick guide for the less experienced of our guests – 3 tips from PureSailing Yachting.

Puresailing Yacht charter Greece Safety is the number one priority when sailing as opposed to relying on a skipper to operate the yacht. The skipper of the yacht is the person charged with the important responsibility of ensuring each passenger is safe at all times. Plan ahead, whether for that day’s trip or for the [...]

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Do you plan to yacht charter in Greece this summer?

There are only a few remaining weeks available for our yachts for the 2014 season. We all know that sailing a charter yacht in Greece can be fun and rewarding and that is why the yacht charter market in Greece is undergoing a bit of a boom despite the woes of the Greek economy in [...]

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Yacht charter in Skiathos – see us having fun !

Video of a Yacht charter Skiathos - see us having fun in the sporades islands in the beautiful aegean sea! If you too want to have fun in the sea contact us now!     _________________________________________________________________________________ And dont forget ! Read about yacht charter greece here! Check out our yachts availability here! Find out more [...]

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Yacht Charter Sporades – Why choose PureSailing Yachting

For unforgettable sailing holidays... Yacht Charter Sporades PureSailing provides exceptional yachting holidays in the Sporades and North Aegean Islands from our base in Skiathos. Our extensive sailing experience in the Greek islands enables us to provide you with great insight of this hidden gem of an area. Our local team has a acquired since 2010 [...]

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Puresailing Bareboat Yacht Charter Greece

Why a Bareboat, Yacht Charter Greece, with puresailing A bareboat yacht charter allows you to sail wherever and for however long you wish.  You charter the yacht and only need to return to the yacht base at the end of the charter. Consequently a bareboat yacht charter gives total freedom; you can sail anywhere from [...]

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Why Choose Greece for your next yacht charter

Why Choose Greece for your next Yacht Charter Greece is a country full of surprises. With a Mediterranean climate and warm sunshine from April to September, the charter season is long and luxurious. High season runs from July and August, with these months being very busy in places, but there are always quiet, unexplored places [...]

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