Yacht Charter Greece – A quick guide for the less experienced of our guests – 3 tips from PureSailing Yachting.

Puresailing Yacht charter Greece Safety is the number one priority when sailing as opposed to relying on a skipper to operate the yacht. The skipper of the yacht is the person charged with the important responsibility of ensuring each passenger is safe at all times. Plan ahead, whether for that day’s trip or for the [...]

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Yacht Charter Skiathos – Skiathos Information

Four major and 24 minor islands make up the Sporades in the Aegean Sea. Our base is on the island of Skiathos an emerald in a blue seascape. Skiathos is known for its castles; its rocks damaged King Xerxes’ ship in the Persian Wars. It is a forested island, with many inlets and beaches and [...]

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Yacht Charter Greece Lavrion Base Information

Yacht Charter Greece Lavrion Base Information   Lavrion Port is where PureSailing yacht charter base is situated approximately 25 Km South of the Athens International airport "El. Venizelos" in Spata area. Being less than 25 minutes drive away from the airport and only 2.5 hours sailing from Kea Island in the Cyclades, Lavrion attracts our [...]

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Yacht Charter Greece Athens Base Information

Athens Yacht Charter Base Skiathos yacht charter base Lefkas yacht charter base  Alimos Marina (Kalamaki) Alimos Marina is the largest of its kind in Greece. It is located an hour or so away from the new Athens International airport will stop the Marina can be accessed either by taxi or [...]

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Yacht Charter Skiathos – General Travel Information

General Travel Information for the Skiathos Region Considering a yacht charter from Skiathos with PureSailing but fazed by the travel arrangements. The info contained here should help! yacht charter skiathos - By Air The most direct air route to the Sporades is via Volos or Skiathos Airports. International charter flights direct to Skiathos operate between [...]

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Puresailing Bareboat Yacht Charter Greece

Why a Bareboat, Yacht Charter Greece, with puresailing A bareboat yacht charter allows you to sail wherever and for however long you wish.  You charter the yacht and only need to return to the yacht base at the end of the charter. Consequently a bareboat yacht charter gives total freedom; you can sail anywhere from [...]

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Why Choose Greece for your next yacht charter

Why Choose Greece for your next Yacht Charter Greece is a country full of surprises. With a Mediterranean climate and warm sunshine from April to September, the charter season is long and luxurious. High season runs from July and August, with these months being very busy in places, but there are always quiet, unexplored places [...]

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Corporate Sailing

Corporate Sailing with puresailing.gr     yacht charter greece corporate Build closer relationships with your clients   Corporate sailing offers a multitude of benefits to employee incentive programmes, social events, team building efforts, and entertainment events. Do you need to impress and build closer relationships with your clients or simply want to show your staff [...]

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Contact us

  Contact us Contact PureSailing Yachting Greece For any assistance with planning your sailing holiday please feel free to contact us, our team is happy to suggest recommended boats, sailing areas and itineraries!The easiest way to contact us is to use the form below, you may alternatively contact our offices directly by email or telephone. [...]

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