Space is at a premium on most sailboats, so now isn’t the time to pack everything that you own. Check out this guide to help you decide what to pack and bring along for a week’s yacht charter in Greece with Puresailing Yachting.

So, you’re heading out on a sailing holiday to the Sporades or to one of our other bases in Greece for a week or two! Sailing is not only great fun—it’s also a
whole new way to experience travel. Space however is generally limited on even the largest sailboat or catamaran, so ideally you’ll be packing one carry-on bag for the occasion. Don’t bring the kitchen sink or all your favorite food from home! You can buy locally sourced delicacies and fresh food on all the islands.
A soft bag is the best choice for a boat, since its soft sides mean that it can be stored away easily and your cabin will be ship shape!.yacht charter sporades

The first thing you’ll want to think about is your skin. You’ll be spending plenty of time out in the hot sun, so be sure to pack a waterproof sunscreen (with a high enough SPF to protect your skin adequately) and some sun-protective clothing as well. Cover-ups, sarongs, sun shirts, and other such clothing will ensure that you come back from your yacht charter in Greece with just happy memories and photographs—and not a bad case of sunburn. Don’t forget the sunglasses and a big straw hat! Just n case you fail to avoid sunburn, bring an aloe-based lotion or something similar to soothe burned skin. As for your hair, the salty sea air and sea water will wreak havoc on your locks. And please ladies leave your hairdryer at home! A solid shampoo bar is just the ticket for travel. It takes up less space than a big bottle, and it’s more environmentally friendly. Packing organizers will help keep your toiletries organized in your bag.

Don’t get too fussy about clothing, as the dress code is very relaxed on a sailboat. Shorts and t-shirts are the norm, even for dinner. For ladies, a comfy sundress or two could be just the thing. Naturally, you will want to bring swimwear—and preferably more than just one swimsuit, so that one or two can be drying while you are wearing another. Luckily, swimsuits and/or swim trunks don’t take up too much space in your travel bag.

Be sure to make room in your bag for your snorkeling gear. This way, you’ll be able to spontaneously explore what’s going on beneath the waves. Don’t worry if you forget at Pureasiling we can provide extra snorkeling gear upon request.yacht charter sporades

Yacht charter in Sporades

For shoes, you might want to bring along two pairs: one pair of non-marking deck shoes, which will help you keep secure footing while aboard and flip flops for just about everything else. Pack a shoe organiser to keep salty, sandy shoes away from the rest of your stuff. In terms of organization, you’ll want to bring a wet/dry bag that’s similar to what is used at a gym or swimming pool.

Don’t forget about miscellaneous items. Bring an extra battery or a portable charger for your phone. A car adapter for your phone is a must. Electrical outlets on a boat may be limited in use and dependent on shore power. We can provide inverters upon request so don’t worry if you forget. Make sure you bring extra batteries for your camera, as well as a waterproof case and plenty of memory for all the great shots you will take. A specific case for your electronics can help keep your digital stuff safe and contained. Some books or an e-reader will come in handy for quiet time A deck of cards will similarly be helpful—plus, if you are sailing with people you don’t know, cards are a great way to make new friends. Pack a few Ziploc bags to keep your cash, documents, and electronics dry while in your bag.
What else would you bring on your sailing trip to Greece? Share your thoughts below on what to pack!