If someone offered you an opportunity to participate in a sailing adventure from France to Greece, would you say “Yes” or “When do we start?”

We are transferring a new Lagoon 42 from Northern France to Athens and could sure use your help! You can join our crew on one of the following legs:

  • 1st leg: 04.03-11.03.2017 
    Les Sables d’Olonne – Lisbon (approx. 650 NM)
    €350 + expenses
  • 2nd leg: 11.03-18.03.2017
    Lisbon – Gibraltar – Málaga – Ibiza – Majorca (approx. 760 NM)
    €350 + expenses
  • 3rd leg:18.03-25.03.2017
    Majorca – Sardinia – Palermo  (approx 530NM)
    €450 + expenses
  • 4th leg: 25.03-01.04.2017
    Palermo – Strait of Messina – Athens (approx. 530 NM)
    €450 + expenses

As a participant, you will be guided by an experienced skipper and his co-skipper. You will get an opportunity to extend your knowledge of sailing in theory and practice in the following areas:

  • detailed safety and technical instructions
  • passage planning
  • navigation and logbook
  • sail trim, reefing
  • strong wind tactics
  • night arrivals in unknown ports
  • weather reports, weather maps and their interpretation
  • additional – astronomical navigation, weather navigation

The time frame is relatively relaxed, so there will be time to stop at ports and perhaps visit some other intermediate ports on the way. Board languages are English and Greek.

Aside from the standard expenses (as stated above), the additional ones amount to €150-250 a week (provisions, diesel, harbor fees, etc.). Restaurant visits on land are not included in this sum.

Contact us on the links below and we will make sure that you have a time of your life sailing from France to Greece!

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