Insurance proposals and cover for yacht charters Apply for your insurance online with Uniqa:

  • Charter deposit insurance
  • Damage waiver
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Full charter insurance

Travel safe and reassured with Uniqa, our insurance partner. Take the proposed Insurance packs below and get prepared for any unpleasant surprises.

  • Charter security deposit Insurance for Bare boat charters

What is covered? The Security deposit paid to the charter company, in case this is retained for possible loss or damage of the chartered vessel. How much does it cost? Premium: from 6,20 % of Security deposit Minimum premium: 50,00 € Deductible: 100,00 € / damage

  • Charter cancellation INSURANCE

Who is insured? The skipper and crew members are insured What is covered? Cancellation costs, as a result of sudden severe illness, accident or death due to the drop out of an insured person or his/her closest relatives. How much does it cost? Premium: 4,70 % of the travel price Minimum premium: 50,00 €, no deductible applied

  • Charter party INSURANCE

The Charter price protection What is covered? Charter cost when neither the chartered nor an alternative yacht can be made available by the charter company. How much does it cost? Premium: 2,10 % of the travel price Minimum premium: 60,00 €, no deductible applied For more information and Insurance Reservations please follow this link: Kindly note that terms and conditions may change without any prior notice. Insurance policy is announced by Uniqa Ins.